Stephen Strong is the CEO of General Technics Consulting. Steve has been in the business for over eighteen years, and takes great pride in the level of service and support that he offers to his clients. Steve listens to his clients and provides affordable solutions to their computer problems. He does it in a timely, cost-effective manner that gives his clients the assurance that not only is the problem solvable, but also that they can call him anytime – 24/7/365 for support.


Steve’s clients know that he’s their “Computer Guy,” and he takes that responsibility very seriously. He regularly inspects the computers he works on and gear in his care for current updates, proper functioning, and service lifetime. Steve also takes the time to educate his clients so they can get more understanding and enjoyment from their technology.

Steve makes sure that his clients will be happy with his work not only today, but tomorrow, and next year too. He makes it his mission to show his clients how technology can improve their professional and personal lives.